James Piper

Mr Piper fell in love with design when he was 17. After a stint at college where he mostly learnt that college wasn't for him, he busked his way into the industry and had eight great years as a freelance graphic designer before setting up his own design agency (Kota Creative) in 2012. 

Outside work, his main passion is digital collage. For him, it is almost like a kind of meditation - "I find myself zoning out from the real world and becoming totally immersed."
His work channels an eclectic mix of the past and the future. Images where ancient cultures and religions sit alongside space and future oddities. Mix it up with a bit of symmetry and a whole load of textures and you have Mr Piper's work.



1.     Which piece of art are you most proud of and why?  

For me, I think it has to be Ani Kuni. It was a piece which flowed together so easily and contains all the elements I love my art to represent - The goddess, the inner eye, nature and idea of infinity.

2.     Describe your workspace / studio… help us visualise it.

All my pieces are created in my home studio. Here I'm surrounded by the art of others who have inspired me over the years, I have large windows which overlook a park for those moments I need new ideas and my Mac is kept company by my Ganesh and Buddha ornaments for some extra cosmic power (when required!).

3.     Where would you say your creativity comes from?

Many things have influenced me. From the books I used to read growing up as a child to admiring artists such as Salvador Dali. A standout moment for me was seeing James Dawes FabricLive flyer artwork for the first time and being totally inspired. 

4.     What would be your top tip to other artists wanting to be part of Artogi in relation to Art?

Be consistent with your creating. The longer you stay in the 'creative zone' the better your thought processes and ideas become. Also try some styles you're not normally used to. It's amazing what can happen when you vary your subject matter/colour palettes.

5.    What's your inspiration for your Artogi collection? 

My belief in spiritual connections, my many adventures around the world (India has been a big influence in my life), subconsciously the cultural influences I was exposed to growing up i.e. my love for fantasy/science fiction stories and also my belief that cultures thousands of years ago had knowledge about the universe that we have now forgotten so I love being able to try and visualize those moments.

6.    What have you been up to in the last 12 months?

I finally launched my website so it's been great to start seeing my work up in peoples homes. I also had my first exhibition which was amazing as my work was up with artists who have inspired me over the years and now I'm currently in the process of organising collaborations with various street artists so soon you'll be able to see my work up on some East London walls.