ARTOGI was born from the love of art and yoga. The notion that we have the ability to make life more beautiful by incorporating art in our every day lives. One morning the founder of Artogi, Samara, had a piece of art laid across the floor next to her yoga mat and she thought how unique it would be if the two were combined, if they were a piece of art in one. This is how Artogi was born. The search was then on for the artists who would be suitable for collaborating with Artogi. Not just any old artist, artists whose work really stood out, looked stunning and had meaning. We gave each artist a yoga mat as their canvas.  With that in mind we wanted the mats to be different and not the “bog standard” stereotypical flimsy, squared, cheap PVC material. The main priority was making sure the surface of the mat enhanced the image of the artist as well as providing enough support and durability for the yogi. We made the mats eco friendly (PVC free) with a microfiber suede surface and black eco rubber base. Artogi is all about supporting up and coming artists and providing unique and admired yoga mats. We are for people, in all walks of life, from the tree hugging hippies to the night owls. Our mats are for anyone who appreciates art, living life, yoga and pretty much anything and everything in between.  
Feel free to contact us on:
Email: info@artogi.com
Founder: samara@artogi.com
Mobile: 0044 7792257053