ARTOGI is a creative lifestyle brand that uses the healing power of art to enable an empowered way of being. Self-redemption to elevate your mind, body, and soul. Peace of mind can be improved by morning routines, meditation, mindfulness. Practising yoga and calming workouts to reduce the stress we put on our bodies. To making time in our lives to do the things that feed our creative souls and help us find connection with ourselves and others.

We offer limited edition, eco-friendly yoga mats created by artists for artists, who seek to find more balance in their daily lives using art as therapy. Each of our mats have their own symbolic meaning created around female empowerment and rising from the ashes like the ‘Phoenix.’

In Western Culture we can often lead a very stressful life and the strive to be perfect can sometimes be unmanageable. Our Artogi logo symbolises that for us to regain balance in our lives, we must pay attention to the 3 points on the triangle - our mental health, our physical health and our spiritual health. The two dots symbolise Taoism and the ​Yin “shady side” and Yang “sunny side” of life.

An important part of the Artogi way of life is bringing the Power of Now / Presence into our lives as we have no control over the past or the future, all we have is the present moment and that’s where our attention should be.